10 Reasons to visit The Gambia

The Gambia is becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Here are ten reasons, why you should visit the smiling coast.

  • The Gambia is the kind of holiday destination suitable for every type of vacation, whether it is a summer vacation for the entire family or a romantic getaway for honeymooners.
  • The beaches of The Gambia are great places to frolic in the warm water and get oneself a golden tan. In addition to this, they also offer plenty of entertainment options, with activities like surfing, fishing or just making sand castles!.
  • The Gambia has an enviable climate and for those seeking some sun and sand, The Gambia becomes an excellent vacation option for escaping the winter with average temperature of 24 to 31 degrees centigrade.
  • Yet another excellent reason to go to The Gambia is to see and experience historic slave towns that inspired classic films such as Alex Hayleys Roots .
  • The people of The Gambia have a vibrant culture with flourishing festivals. The Roots festival , Kanilai Festival and a range of festivals will keep you entertained no matter what time of the year you visit.
  • Gambia is a great travel destination for bird enthusiasts. With over 100 spieces of beautiful and rate birds, you may need extra notepads to record all the beautiful birds in The country.
  • Also, The Gambia has an assortment of accommodation options to fit almost every budget with luxury hotels lining the coast, and affordability and industry being the mainstay of the Senegambia coast.
  • Friendliest people on you will ever met. Honestly, it is not called the Smiling Coast for no reason. If you want to meet happy people, then Gambia is the place.
  • The Gambia is uncommercialised and virtually untouched. Tourism plays an import role and employs a lot of locals. If you want to visit somewhere were the locals really benefit and not large corporations, This is the place.
  • Affordability : The Gambia is an affordable holiday choice. You don’t have to dig deep down into your pocket to enjoy tranquility, sunshine and sea.

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