20 Most Amazing Skyscrapers In The World!

A way to overcome the ongoing issue of running out of habitable land to develop for the growing numbers of human population is to build up. Building up would mean constructing a concrete city of buildings; the higher they are, the more job opportunities and living space there will be. This is probably why China is building many skyscrapers,where a majority of the buildings are among the tallest in the world.

20 Most Amazing Skyscrapers In The World!

1.Mubarak al-Kabir Tower, Subiya, Kuwait. The Mubarak al-Kabir Tower will be the 1001 m centerpiece of the upcoming City of Silk in Subiya, Kuwait. The entire city will include stadiums, residences, hotels and retail shops that are set to open sometime in 2016.

2. Sky City, Changsha, Hunan, China. Sky City is estimated to be completed by June 2014. The builders who planned the 838 m skyscraper says that it needs a total of 210 days for it to be fully erected. If it’s on schedule, it’ll be the tallest building in the world, beating the current tallest, Burj Khalifa, by 10m.

3.Peruri 88, Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta is a crowded city that lacks greenery and living space. With this multi-tiered vertical city, the Peruri 88 will have apartments, hotels, offices, retail outlets, amphitheaters and roof parts that can accomodate sports and recreational activities

4. Lotte World Tower, Seoul, South Korea. The 123-storeys high Lotte World Tower is currently under construction in Seoul and is estimated to be completed in 2015. The 555 m high skyscraper will include offices, retail outlets, a hotel and also an observation deck.

5. Signature Tower, Jakarta, Indonesia. The Signature Tower set to erect in Jakarta is proposed to begin construction in 2014 and estimated to finish in the year 2020. It’ll be 638 m tall with 111 storeys that will house an observatory, luxury hotel and mall as well as offices.

6. Zhongguo Zun, Beijing, China. The Zhongguo Zun, or China Zun, is currently under construction and set to complete in 2016. It’s in the running to be the tallest in Beijing at 528 m with 108 storeys, and second tallest in
China losing by more than 50 m to the Goldin Finance 117 in Tianjin

7. Abu Dhabi Plaza, Astana, Kazakhstan. The Abu Dhabi Plaza is envisioned to be a mini-town of its own consisting of many towers of different heights; the tallest being 382 m with 88 floors. The entire complex will house 446 apartments, 190 hotel rooms, and 100 serviced apartments over a space of more than 200,000 square meters.

8. Kingdom Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom Tower is set to erect in Jeddah as the centerpiece of the Kingdom City beside the Red Sea. It’s imagined to be 1000 m tall with 200 floors, 160 of which will be occupiable. Lots of tests are ongoing to ensure that this marvel can be built.

9. Ping An Finance Centre, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. The Ping An Finance Centre is currently under construction in Shenzhen, China. When it’s set to complete in 2016, it’ll be 115-storeys and 660 m high making
it one of China’s tallest building.

10. Lakhta Center, St. Petersburg, Russia. The Lakhta Center will be the first supertall skyscraper in the city of St. Petersburg upon its planned completion in 2018. It’ll have an educational complex, sports and leisure facilities, an outdoor amphitheater, offices and a hotel.

11. Goldin Finance 117, Tianjin, China. The Goldin Finance Tower is estimated to be completed by 2015 and will stand at a height of 597 m with 117-storeys, the number included in its name. Other than being able to occupy offices,
it’ll also have a mall and hotel.

12. One World Trade Center, New York, United States. The One World Trade Center is about to open to public sometime in 2014. It’ll be America’s tallest building at 541 m and will include office spaces, an observation deck and luxury restaurants.

13. Wuhan Greenland Center, Wuhan, Hubei, China. The Wuhan Greenland Center is designed to be aerodynamic and harness the strong winds that affect these tall buildings. It’ll gather the wind and air around it to be used as heating or cooling, making it a very green-friendly 606 m skyscraper.

14. GIFT Diamond Tower, Gandhinagar, India. The Gujarat International Finance Tec, or GIFT Diamond Tower, will erect the central business district of Gujarat, India. It’ll be the centerpiece of the GIFT City that will house offices, schools, homes, hotels, convention centers and retail outlets.

15. World One, Mumbai, India. The World One tower is currently being built in Mumbai and is set for completion in 2014. It’s a luxurious residential tower that will have 300 high class apartments with a height of 117 m, making it one of the world’s tallest residential tower.

16. Buenos Aires Forum, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Buenos Aires Forum is a proposed tower with a spiral-like
design that will be the centerpiece of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s imagined to be 1000 m high with an estimated cost of $3.33 billion set to finish by 2016. If completed, it’ll be amongst the tallest skyscrapers in the world.

17. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China. The ongoing construction of the Shanghai Tower has received a lot of fame recently as 2 Russian daredevils climbed to the very top of the 632 m high tower. It’s set to be open to the public
in 2015 and be the tallest building in China as well as second tallest in the world.

18. Pentominium, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The Pentominium was an ambitious project that halted after 22 floors were built due to budget issues. There are no solid reports saying the 516 m high residential skyscraper will achieve completion to be the second tallest tower in Dubai.

19. Chicago Spire, Chicago, United States. The Chicago Spire was set to be the second tallest skyscraper in the world at 610 m with 150 floors. However, it was abandoned after only having its foundation work completed, due to financial challenges and the global economic recession in 2008.

20. Seoul Light DMC Tower, Seoul, South Korea. The Seoul Light Digital Media City Tower was scheduled to be completed by April 2015 but has since been cancelled due to budgetary reasons. If its construction continued, it would have been 640 m tall, the tallest building in Korea.


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