2016 Istanbul Shopping Festival

Home to the iconic Hagia Sofia and oldest shopping mall in the world; Istanbul is one of the world’s centres for entertainment and culture as well as being a top destination for shopping lovers. The modern and traditional, familiar and exotic city showcases the diverse culture and heritage of the modern Turkey. Straddled between two continents – Europe and Asia, the city attracts a lot of shoppers on a yearly basis and one of the best times to visit is during the Istanbul Shopping Festival.

2016 Istanbul Shopping Festival

Now in the 6th year running, the Istanbul Shopping Festival promises a month (or more) long of total Istanbul experience and to be a haven for shopaholics. This fest period sees shopping malls and stores offer special, attractive discounts on products, giving visitors plenty to ponder about and also, foreign tourists get to enjoy ‘tax free shopping’ on offer. The unique beauty and sparkling nights of city during this period reflects on the flamboyant streets and shopping centres.

With a total of over 100 malls around the city, Istanbul has more shopping centres than many countries in Europe have in total. These centres offer countless brands and services cutting across many sectors varying from clothing to food and entertainment to electronics, and besides being a place to shop; these centres are also considered recreational areas.  Historic sites in Istanbul also tend participate in the festival by closing two hours later than usual.

2016 Istanbul Shopping Festival - Mall of Istanbul

Most stores stay open until the early hours of the night and sometimes round the clock; shopaholics are bound to find everything they are looking for among the thousands of products and countless brands for every age group. Places like the ’Sapphire Bazaar’, ‘IstinyePark ‘, ‘Kanyon Istanbul’, ‘Grand Bazaar’, ‘Egyptian Spice Market’ and ‘Capitol Shopping Centre’ will be the shopping hub for thousands of visitors coming to the festival from all around the world.

The 2016 Edition of the Istanbul Shopping Festival will take place from the 1st to the 31st of July 2016.

2016 Istanbul Shopping Festival - Istanbul SHopping

Never short of glitz and glamour, the Istanbul Shopping Festival was birthed with the mission to make Istanbul the shopping, culture and entertainment capital of the world. The ‘city that never sleeps’ is transformed into a shopping paradise and gates are thrown open to visitors and tourist alike to enjoy new experiences, adventures in every corner worth exploring and lets them ‘Shop Till They Drop’.

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