Video: 360-Degree Cockpit tour of the Emirates Airbus A380

Emirates Airline has released the 360-degree cockpit tour video of the Emirates Airbus A380 – the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The airline will also be taking the delivery of another Airbus A380 to its fleet, taking the total number to 80 with a further 21 expected to join later this year.

Video: 360-Degree Cockpit tour of the Emirates Airbus A380

Enlisting the services of Captain Thomas Ziarno from New Zealand and first Officer Abdulrahman Mohamed Al Busaeedi from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the video which is part of a PR and recruitment drive by Emirates, shows a 360-degree view tour of the flight deck controls of the Emirates Airbus A380.

To enjoy the experience, move your mobile device or navigate better with your touchscreen. If you are using a desktop, you can drag around the screen to look at each part more closely. The airline currently operates one of the youngest fleet in the industry with an average of 5.6 years and it is looking to hire up to 700 pilots to its workforce.

Over 4,000 pilots from nearly 160 nationalities around the world fly the Emirates fleet of over 200 wide-bodied aircraft that serves 155 destinations across 81 countries. More information about the Pilot recruiting can be found here.

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