5 weird and wonderful world festivals

Looking for a weird and wonderful event? There are hundreds of exciting, odd and – well, plain silly – festivals around the world providing any excuse for a celebration.  Here are five weird and wonderful world festivals written by Andrea Crome  that you definitely won’t be disappointed with.  If you have more to add, then please leave a comment!


Fallas Festival, Valencia, Spain

Fallas is the fire which is held in Valencia, Spain each year.  More than 300 monuments are created that reflect the strife’s that have occurred over the previous year, these monuments can cost up to €600,000 to create yet are all burnt down during the course of the festival.  There are loads of fireworks, music everywhere and processions throughout the city; this all goes on for for 2 days.


Holi Festival, India

Known as the festival of colours this unique festival celebrates by throwing coloured dyes and coloured water at each other to celebrate religion and enjoy the start of spring.  The colours are believed to bring feelings of love and belongingness.


Baby jumping, Castrillo De Murcia, Spain

This bizarre Christian festival involves men dressed in black, the beating of drums and of course baby jumping.  Babies are placed on mats while men dressed up as the devil proceed to jump over them to cleanse their sins from the last life.


Big Mountain Furniture Race, Whitefish, Montana, USA

The Big Mountain Furniture race sees 40 contestants battling it out in the hope of winning a sofa.  Held every April at the Whitefish ski resort, each entry must feature some kind of furniture – this might be a living room scene, toilet or armchair – all of which must have breaks fitted.


Birdman Competition, Bognor Regis, UK

Every year in Bognor Regis the Birdman competition sees hundreds of people compete with the aim of flying.  From jet packs, to homemade planes you will see the serious and the silly!


Sango Festival

The Sango Festival is a celebration in tribute to an ancient hero, Sango – the deity of thunder in Oyo State. During the festival the Sango believers  are decorated in a queer manner, the Sango faithfuls all clothed in red while the Ifa priests are dressed in white regalia.  Drummers ,masquerades and hundreds of traditional dancers still hold this festival to the highest  esteem and is attended to by  thousands of tourists around the world. (culled from travelstart.com)

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