Malaysia is the perfect holiday target. From busy cities to gorgeous beaches, green rain-forests to temperate waters rich with aquatic life, there are many attractive spots in Malaysia to visit, and a lot to do.

There are numerous reasons to vacation Malaysia; however, here are the top 8 reasons why Malaysia is the ultimate travel destination:

8 reasons why malaysia is the ultimate travel destination


1. The weather is hot all year round

There is no spring, summer, autumn or winter. Every day is a sunny day. The temperature stays pretty much constant all year round, that is to say, hot! The rain, when it does come (more so in the monsoon season during November to March) is refreshing and cooling, so it is actually a welcomed occurrence.

8 reasons why malaysia is the ultimate travel destination

2. You get to experience three cultures (and more) in one country

You may have noticed the “Truly Asia” tag in the title of this post. This was coined by the tourism ministry of Malaysia to highlight the multiculturalism of the country (there’s even a song to go with it! See the bottom of the post). Visit Malaysia and you will find yourself immersed in not only Malay culture, but also those of the Chinese, Indian and a number of other ethnic minority groups, particularly in East Malaysia (on Borneo island). It’s a three in one offer! You will also see how British (and to a lesser extent, Portuguese / Dutch) colonialism has played its part in Malaysia’s history.

3.  Easy for English-speaking tourists to get by

Malaysia is a well-worn travel path. Whilst not everyone in Malaysia speaks perfect English, most are able to understand and communicate enough English to help tourists get by. If that doesn’t work, Malay (the national language) is a pretty easy language to pick up and use. Written Malay uses the same letters as the written English language and pronunciation is straightforward (mostly said the same way it’s spelled). Colloquial Malay also borrows a lot of English words so it’s quite easy to use context to figure out what the locals are saying a lot of the time.

8 reasons why malaysia is the ultimate travel destination

4. Sipadan: one of the top diving spots in the world

Sipadan is an island that lies south of Semporna, a town in Sabah which lies in East Malaysia (on Borneo Island). Its location in waters of huge marine biodiversity makes it an amazing spot to go diving. In particular, it is well known for the large numbers of green and hawksbill turtles, as well as schooling barracuda and big eye trevally.

It is especially heartening to know that the Malaysian government seems committed to protecting this site, which had meant that the numbers of dives by all visitors are capped daily (divers need a license to dive), there is no night diving allowed and no dive resorts are permitted on the island.

8 reasons why malaysia is the ultimate travel destination

6. Petronas Twin Towers: world’s tallest twin towers

It was the tallest building in the world, from 1998 to 2004, after which it was overtaken by the Taipei 101. So Malaysians found a new title for it – the world’s tallest twin towers. Its place in history as a true icon of Kuala Lumpur was sealed when it made its breakthrough Hollywood appearance in Entrapment, with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The main attractions are the tour of the skybridge and the observation deck, both of which you will require tickets for.

8 reasons why malaysia is the ultimate travel destination

7. Gorgeous islands and beaches

There are a number of tropical islands to choose from in Malaysia, depending on the type of vibe you’re after. Visit the most well-known Malaysian island, Pulau Langkawi, for a luxurious beach holiday. Pulau Perhentian is one for the backpackers, with a more chilled out and less made up experience. Then there’s Penang (for food), Pangkor (for accessibility and hanging with the locals), Sipadan (for diving), Tioman (for wildlife)…and the list goes on.

8 reasons why malaysia is the ultimate travel destination - cuisine

8. The food!

And then there’s the food, an adventure in itself. Local and low-key is the way to go – hawker and street food is readily available, whilst being cheap and delicious. Malaysian food is a reflection of the mix of the 3 main ethnic groups, which means there is a huge range of food dishes and drinks to try. And then there are the tropical fruits – rambutans, mangosteens, cikus, mangoes, coconuts and of course the king of them all, the durian.

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