The Concept of Bizcation or Bleisure Travel

For the business minded traveller, the only thing that comes first is business, but do these trips have to be about work alone?

Nowadays, newer travel trends are emerging at a very quick pace and almost every travel-inclined person are getting more familiar with them. There have been lot of talks about Bizcation – a growing trend in business travel, with the idea of blending business and leisure or personal vacation in one.

What is a Bizcation or Bleisure Travel Like?

Exactly what is a Bizcation? The word ‘Bizcation’ is formed the same way, the words – ‘Staycation’ and ‘Daycation’ came into being; it is an amalgam of the words – Business and Vacation; and sometimes the word Bleisure Travel (Business Leisure Travel) is used as an alternative.

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More people appear to be viewing work trips as a chance to explore new and exciting places. Lately, the traditional idea about business travels are evolving to include relaxation and pleasure time during and after the trip, while not compromising the main priority, which is the work.

What is a Bizcation or Bleisure Travel Like?

Recent surveys have shown that nearly three-quarters of Americans add leisure time into their business trips, and almost half have brought along a spouse, partner or friend. Also, a survey commissioned by Hilton Hotels shows that 67 per cent of its frequent customers sometimes or frequently combine a business and leisure trip.

While not every business traveller engages in Bizcation or Bleisure; those that do, are part of the new phenomenon which follows the “all work and no Play” mantra. Adding a few days onto the work schedule to explore the destinations is one way to make work travel more tolerable, and even fun.

With a little planning and work, you can have the best of both worlds.

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