Cool Tips to Pack like A Pro

Packing for travel can sometimes be a daunting task if you are not packing right and could steal a bit from the travel budget, if you are not packing light. With the right resources and materials, you can learn to pack like a pro when travelling, with the below tips from some of the well travelled experts in the industry:

Cool Tips to Pack like A Pro

Cool Tips to Pack like A Pro

  • It is easier to fold your clothes while packing your suitcase to use the space properly. Heavier apparel should be kept at the bottom and lighter clothes can be placed on top to keep them wrinkle free.
  • If you need formals during the trip, place them on the top for easy access.
  • It is always advisable to keep small travel-sized shampoos, deodorants, shower gel, toothpaste et al. Make sure that you seal all the bottles of your toiletries. Unscrew the cap, place a piece of cling wrap on top and screw the cap back on to avoid any kind of leakage.
  • Keep your socks inside the shoes and keep these shoes in a shower cap to place them properly in very less space.
  • Roll up your belt like a coil, and put it in your shirt. Save yourself some space.
  • Keep cotton to remove make-up, cover your razor with binder clips to avoid any random cuts.
  • Keep your chargers, earphone, power bank and other documents in your hand bag and a spare dress too if possible.
  • If you are travelling in the rainy season, don’t forget to keep your umbrella.
  • Keep your ticket details on your mobile phone and keep a copy in your mail too.

Also, take a peek at the video below courtesy of Heathrow Airport showing how to pack properly for the trip ahead.

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Via: Hindustan Times

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