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Travelling can lead to a wonderful experience and give you awesome memories if everything goes as it should be. To have a safe trip and a hitch free vacation you should know the guidelines on travelling. Do not let inconvenience discourage you from having a smooth journey. Here are some tips that can alleviate your worries when you are travelling.

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Planning ahead.Whether you are booking your flight yourself or through your travel agent, be sure to make your reservations in advance. As soon as you know the date of your departure, don’t wait till the day before in order to validate your Visa or go shopping. Get everything ready before your departure date and confirm your resources.

Know your destination. Find out as much as you can about the location you going. Inform yourself about the destination’s history, culture, customs and government. You can find this information in libraries, bookstores, embassies, airports and tourist bureaus. Although English is spoken in most countries, it is practical to know what you can about the language of country to which you will be travelling. Knowing there greetingscan really come in handy.

Report to your embassy.It is advisable to register with your domicile embassy. In case there is an emergency, your home country can contact and get you to safety.

Bring copies of your passport. If your passport gets stolen or lost you want to be sure that you can still get back into the country, or be able to prove your citizenship.For extra backup, leave a copy of your passport at home or with someone you trust. Consider making an electronic copy you can store in your email account as well. Also have a way of communicating with those at home in case of an emergency.

Confirm the country’s entrance/exit fees. In addition to your airline ticket, some countriesrequire travellers to pay in order to enter or leave the country. Amount can range from $25 to $200.

Confirm your credit card works in your destination. To avoid financial inconveniences, make sure your credit or ATM cardworks in the country you are visiting.Time was when traveller’s cheques were the safest way to carry money overseas, those days are long gone. Some European banks have switched completely to the more secure chip-and-PIN technology and not many businesses accept the outdated magnetic-strip cards.

Always have local currency.In some countries, they don’t take credit cards especially for transport. Also look up the monetary conversion before you go.

Contact your doctor and insurance agent.Make sure you have the proper vaccination and necessary prescriptions to avoid any health hazard. Also, confirm with your insurance agent on the validity of your medical insurance policy, whether it applies overseas. If it doesn’t, be sure to make provisions for additional insurance.

Travel light.It is understable that you want to stay comfortable at your location, bringing your home with you but the weight might slow you down, not to talk of the extra baggage charges. If you travel light, you can move more quickly and will be more likely to have a free hand and less tired. Take the minimum amount of valuables necessary for your trip and prepare a safe place to keep them.

Safeguard your baggage.Tag your baggage with your name, address and telephone number. Cover these luggage tags and lock your luggage. Don’t bring anything you would hate to lose.

Find out about activities happening where you are going.Don’t miss out on events going on while you are there. Fun events like carnivals, ceremonies, festivals and so on. Research on their type of food so that you will get the feel and thrill of the country you are visiting.

Always have your charge adapter.It is true that countries have different size plugs and voltages so find out the type that is used at your destination and bring yours to avoid being stranded.

Dress properly.Don’t make your identity conspicuous.Everyone can recognize an American or African tourist on the street, before she or he even opens their mouth.To avoid being a target, dress conservatively.A flashy wardrobe or one that is too casual can mark you as a tourist. As much as possible, avoid the appearance of affluence.

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