Japan is Getting an “Invisible Express Train” by 2018

As part of Japanese railway company – Seibu Holding ‘s 100th anniversary celebration, one of the leading architects in Japan, Kazuyo Sejima, known for designing reflective buildings, designed a ‘-reflective –seemingly invisible express train’.

japan reflective train Invisible Express Train

The train isn’t actually invisible as seen from the cover image, however, it is designed with reflective materials such that when it travels, it blends with the urban skyscrapers, rolling hills and mountains of the Japanese landscape. The interiors will be designed to ooze comfort, encourage relaxation and ease the strains of commuting.

“This will be an express train for everyone, like an intimate living room where people can spend their free time in their own way,” Seibu Group said in a statement. “We aim to provide a new public space, almost parklike, where people will come together. It’s more than just a means of movement, it’s a destination in its own right. The train will serve commuters, people seeking relaxation, and tourists drawn by its unique appearance.”

The fleet is expected to be launched on the current Red Arrow commuter train on a limited number of routes starting from 2018.

via: Mashable


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