Knowing your Hotel Rooms

Going to a hotel or calling an agent to book a hotel room for you without knowing the type of room you want might lead to misunderstanding and unnecessary waste of time and money. Hotel rooms are classified by the number of beds in them, the size and the amenities that they offer. The advantages of having the knowledge of the types of rooms and what they offer cannot be over emphasized.

Knowing your Hotel Rooms

Hotel Room

So here are the types of rooms a hotel can have and their features.

* Single room: Otherwise known as a standard room, the single room is the cheapest in the hotel. It usually comes with one king sized or a double with two queen beds. A single/standard room is expected to provide the basic amenities like; a desk, closet, television, coffee maker and a private bedroom. Other amenities provided may vary from one hotel to another depending on its star rating. Some might offer stand up showers, flat screen TV and Jacuzzi tubs.

* Triple or family rooms: A triple room usually has three queen sized beds built to accommodate a family, the triple or family rooms offer large rooms, sitting areas that double as a sleeping space with a couch that lets out into a bed. Some hotels can also provide bunk beds for the kids. The triple or family rooms are sometimes likened to a suite. It is reasonable to use a suite rather than using a triple room that is not well adaptable for a family. Amenities that are offered in the triple or family room vary from hotel to hotel but some of the basic facilities includes; Wi-Fi Internet Connection, Shower over bath, Electronic door-locking system, Satellite TV and Individually controlled air conditioning.

* Suites: A suite is like an apartment inside a hotel. It is usually two or more rooms in a living area and may have a kitchenette. Suits are used by business travellers, families and the likes. It is practical for a family staying for a long period of time to use a suite instead of a triple room. This is because suites are very spacious and they offer the best views and amenities that the hotel has to offer. The best type of hotel suite is the presidential or executive suite which in many hotels is on the top floor or penthouse. In addition to the
basic amenities and furniture provided in the suite, hotels also provide exclusive club level amenities like complimentary continental breakfast, evening cocktails and appetizers.

These are the three major types of rooms offered by hotels. Having a good knowledge of the amenities offered in these will help you manage and utilize your budget.

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