Mesmerising Mombasa – Africa’s Rising Honeymoon Destination

After tieing the knot, it is only right to go on a befitting honeymoon to begin the journey of marriage on the perfect note. Honeymoons embrace elements of romance, intimacy and seclusion in a beautiful natural setting, with alluring activities to arouse the mood.

Blessed with pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters in a picturesque backdrop, Mombasa has all of these elements and more for newly weds, so they can enjoy their honeymoon without distractions and tour hotspots that leaves lasting treasurable experiences.

Mesmerising Mombasa – Africa’s Rising Beach Honeymoon Destination

Kenya’s second largest city promises loads of fascinating and interesting outdoor activities such as scuba diving, Kenyan wildlife games, dolphin and whale watching, snorkelling, sailing in a local fishing canoe and other enjoyable experiences on offer.

Away from the beaches and coast, the historic 16th Century Fort Jesus in the Old Town, is one of the city’s top attractions and a reminder of its tumultuous war past. Also, visit the awe-inspiring animal sanctuary on the Kenyan coast – the Haller Park, for some animal spotting. Here you can spot hippos, giraffes and zebras, and a collection of rather inquisitive monkeys.

Mesmerising Mombasa – Africa’s Rising Beach Honeymoon Destination

Mesmerising Mombasa – Africa’s Rising Beach Honeymoon Destination

There is a popular misconception about Kenyan Holidays, as most believe they are for adventure seekers and all about safaris. However, if you’re looking for an exotic honeymoon destination, honeymooning in Mombasa is a no-brainer.

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