France has proved to be not just a destination where you can have a taste of the best wine and take a few snap shots in the monumental Eiffel tower. Everything France represents showcases an atmosphere of absolute vibrancy and adventure. The warm locals, the rich cultural heritage, the magnificent landscape and of course the gastronomy, all add up to give you the experience of a life time.

Paris may have been the first choice for most travellers but Nice’s four million visitors a year should definitely be enough to convince you to have a second opinion about the destination to spend your honeymoon. Located on the French Rivierea in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region after Marseille, Nice is blessed with a sunny temperate climate that allows for any kind of holiday, any time of the year.

Nice itself is an attraction: the rich blue-green sea, diverse shopping, splendid dining and lovely art-deco façades. But there are several spots that a tourist simply must see, such as the Cours Saleya Flower Market, the Matisse Museum, ancient Roman ruins, the Russian Cathedral and more.  Its crescent-shaped pebble beaches, stunning boutique hotels and cutting edge fashion features are just a few of the phenomenal reason why Nice is ideal for a perfect honeymoon getaway.


Still asking “why Nice?”

If you are looking for the destination that will give your spouse Goosebumps and bring them to tears of joy then Nice should be on top of your list. Nice la belle (Nice the beautiful) is endowed with breathtaking  views, medieval red tiles roofed villages, narrow curved streets, small gourmet restaurants and colorful open markets where you and your partner can hold hands and mix with the welcoming people.

If you want to spend your days at the verandah of your hotel room reading a book, a view of the scintillating waters of the Cote d’Azur is definitely worth it.

Honeymoon attractions in Nice, France

Old town (Vieille Ville): For those who want to peruse boutiques and sip on the best wines, the old town neighbourhood has all it takes to entertain you. Old Town is not just the best beginning point for any day. Couples may find the easy walk to the Mediterranean water front a good spot to fill their photo album.

World class sightseeing: Castle hill is probably the most popular attraction in all of Nice. At Atop 100 inlaid stairs (be sure to pack your walking shoes) honeymooners will be blown away by the breathtaking view of the village sea below. With a café nearby, the sprinkling of park benches are perfect for taking a relaxing break.

    Rue de France Pedestrian Zone: The Nice pedestrian zone, or “zone pietonne,” is a hub of activity. This is the place if you need to load up on souvenirs. Street entertainers frequent this area. There are gourmet shops, clothing shops, news stands, bookstores and more. (Check out the Ducs de Gascogne store for some real finds). Grab a café au lait and watch the world go by, nibble on a crepe, or visit in the evening for a robust meal with an Italian accent.

Groove to the modern music: Nice is also a popular stop off on the modern music scene with the larger venues like Acropolis and Théâtre Lino Ventura. You can also visit some of the underground hip-hop and electronic music outfits and have a good time.

If you are lovers of theatre, a brace of Niçois theatres, Théâtre du Pois Chiche and Théâtre Francis Gag, have some of the most well-trodden stages in town.

Slice up some ‘socca’: Socca, a sort of chickpea crepe – the preparation and consistency of the batter is similar – is a specialty of southeastern French cuisine, particularly in and around Nice. Try this local treat are at socca specialist Chez Pipo, where addictively delicious food is churned out day in, day out; at Chez René Socca, where tasty grub is served at rustic wooden tables with street-side views; at Lou Pilha Leva, where, although no more than a glorified kiosk, there’s a bit of everything going on; or at the lively corner restaurantNissa Socca where you’ll also find cheap pitchers of wine and plenty of bonhomie.

Nice: where to stay

Nice is famous for its belle époque architecture, beachfront promenades and landmark hotels. It may not be as glitzy as other Riviera hotspots (such as St Tropez and Monte Carlo) but is one of the liveliest cities along the coast.


B4 Park (4*)-From USD 347.056

B4 plaza (5*)- From USD 331.977

Normandie (3*) -From USD 234.63

Nh Nice (4*)-  From USD 363.033

Holiday Inn (4*)- From USD 486.926 

Getting there

The best way of getting to Nice, France from Lagos is by air. You can hardly find direct flights from Lagos. Indirect flights to Nice can pass through Casablanca, Istanbul, London, Paris and Amsterdam. Airlines that fly to Nice include; Royal Air Maroc, Turkish Airlines, British Airways, Air France, and KLM.



Visa issuance:
A Schengen or French visa is needed to enter Nice, France and Worldntraveland has an efficient visa department that offers adequate visa consultation services.  We also offer general visa advisory.  You can send your request to or call the following numbers 08098229999, 070010101010.

Quick facts

Country: France

Time zone: GMT +2

Currency: Euro

Area:  71.92 km²

Population: 344,875 (2008)

Weather: 19°C, Wind 0 km/h, 30% Humidity

Telephone: +33 4


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