Nine Tips to a Fantastic Holiday


It is a fact that many travelers don’t actually enjoy their holidays. Some come back happy while some unhappy. Those that come back unhappy get to moan and groan about the hardships they encountered back in their destination. As such I thought I should write a few tips I find very helpful when it comes to having a fantastic holiday. Be it in Hawaii, China, United State, Ghana, South Africa or anywhere else, a holiday experience should be that of remarkable memories and not that of lamentations.

Below are some of tips that would be very handful in your next holiday so as to avoid a re-occurrence of previous experiences;

Plan ahead/Set a budget

There’s no harm in giving, but no one said giving had to be expensive.  Set a budget and stick to it. Early preparation leads to success, so you definitely need to have an idea of how you want your holiday to look like before venturing into it. That in my case means planning ahead and it works big time.

Be the Smartest

When everyone heads to warmer pastures, head towards places that are not so popular but still breathtaking, such as Turks and Caicos, Maldives, Seychelles and Mauritius. The islands in these destinations are fascinating and the atmosphere there brings that of pleasure and fun.

Choose a destination that your family or partner will enjoy

Try to pick a place where everyone in the family can find something they really want to try out.  In the case of your partner, pick a place he or she would enjoy. Make it a point to include all family members on each holiday or activity. It will be fun, and it will give you more opportunities to learn about each other.

Leave room for spontaneity

Don’t book your holiday with obligations and activities. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off is no one’s idea of a good time so make sure you leave some gaping holes in your schedule. After all, sometimes the most fun comes around when it is least expected.

Limit your use of electronics as much as possible

A holiday is meant to be a time to relax and get your mind off the hazards of life. Turning off your cell phone will allow you to sleep, dream, and relax without any disruptions. This means there should be no blackberry, iphone or checking of email through other wireless technology during your holiday. Remember, a holiday is not called a break for nothing; it entails you taking your mind off other things and just living in paradise.

Give yourself a break

Don’t make yourself feel guilty. Don’t expect everyone or everything to be perfect. Remind yourself of how lucky you were to get there. Don’t wear your watch; it can come as a form of distraction. Let yourself not worry about what time it is. Eat when you are hungry, not at any precise mealtime.

Take nature walks

Explore your surroundings; take time to really discover your new surroundings. Get to make new friends, visit a relative if you have any there or engage in sport activities. Play board games, nothing brings people together better than board games.

Beat the procrastination bug and do what you love doing

If you’re the type that loves clubbing, go clubbing, if you like shopping and want to get so many things to come back home with then do that. Never procrastinate, have your fun when you need to or better still, do what you love doing and never mind what people think about you or about your likes.

Consult the pros

This will help; consider enlisting the help of a service of travel consultants for the best destinations, best packages and the best times to have that perfect holiday excursion.

You work very hard all year long so there’s nothing wrong in taking a holiday. Holidays are wonderful times to rejuvenate and restore your soul and body, and its one thing that shouldn’t be toiled with.

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