Paris – City Video Guide

Romance in the romantic city:
Cliché or not, Paris really is a romantic city. Everywhere you turn, an enchanting magical moment captures your attention. Imagine strolling along the Seine, sharing a crêpe, walking hand-in-hand with your lover through a museum or kissing under the Eiffel Tower.

Make your own Adventure:
Romance is really a matter of personal taste. The best thing about traveling to Paris with your spouse is that you’re not limited to the same romantic adventure as everyone else. Sure, this magical city has world-class art galleries, antique markets, theatres, fashion houses, live music, dance, wine tasting and cooking classes. You can also attend a pirate-themed costume party held in medieval cellars. Visit a thoroughbred racehorse training grounds in a scenic forest just 35 minutes from the city center.

Catch an exciting performance of the latest up-and-coming burlesque performers in an East Parisian nightclub. For the sport lovers, maintain your sporty physiques on a sunrise tour of Paris with your very own running guide. Catch a Saturday night screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show or a 1920s silent film with live musicals in one of the city’s art house cinemas. Take a behind-the-scenes journey of the Paris metro. Visit the Gothic tomb of the legendary 12th-century French lovers Héloïse and Abélard at Père Lachaise Cemetery.

Here is another advice; But don’t let the surroundings distract you from the person standing next to you because Paris can surely do that

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