Reunion Island, a Spectacular Setting

As one of the Mascarenes jewels in the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island offers its extreme landscapes, from its beaches and beautiful waterfalls to the sharp peaks and sometimes snowy summits.

The island of volcanic origin emerges as a central clump of mountains abruptly ending into ravines fringed with typical coastal landscape. Saint Denis, the capital, stretches its narrow streets along the old colonial-style buildings and trendy shops, leading to the Barachois square next to the sea. The west coast is home to popular beach locations-Saint Paul, Saint Gilles, Saint Leu and Etang Salé. Further on, you will love the picturesque St Pierre marina and the charming coastal villages of the south-east.

Reunion Island, a Spectacular Setting

You will drive on spectacular roads like La Corniche, lining a stretch of cliffs along the sea or the Tamarin Road that crosses over several gullies, and the roads that wind up through the canyons and natural cirques named Cilaos, Mafate, Salazie. These majestic ridges enclose beautiful valleys with abundant tropical vegetation and waterfalls, thus forming fantastic landscapes, dotted with hamlets inhabited by a population that lives mainly on agriculture.

The scenery is dominated by the Piton des Neiges, a 3071-meters-high extinct volcano that is sometimes covered by a snow cap. Do not miss the lunar landscape of Plaine des Sables, a desert buffer zone before the enclosure to the Piton de la Fournaise. This active volcano attracts many specialists and visitors on each spontaneous eruption, with Lava Rivers flowing down its slopes.

With such natural beauty, Reunion Island fulfils the expectations of thrill seekers. The choice will be yours: try scuba diving, surfing, canyoning, climbing, paragliding or motorbike trailing. As an ending note, enjoy tasty and colourful food while listening to the rhythm of local music, Maloya.

Reunion Island Facts:

  • Official Name – Reunion, (an overseas department of France)
  • Continent – Africa
  • Population – 843,617 (2015)
  • Capital City – Saint-Denis (147,800)
  • Electricity – 220V – 50Hz
  • Currency – Euro
  • Languages – French (official), Reunionese Creole
  • National Day – 14 July; Bastille Day
  • Religions – Christian, Hindu, Muslim
  • Time Zone 0- GMT/UTC +4

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