The Seven-Coloured Earth of Charamel, Mauritius

A natural phenomenon that takes your heart away with its sheer beauty.

Popular for being a honeymoon hotspot and luxury destination for celebrities, Mauritius conjures the notion of beaches, palm trees, reefs and azure lagoons. Located on the Indian Ocean off the Eastern Coast of Madagascar, the volcanic island nation of Africa with only one dormant volcano alive is one of the world’s top luxury tourism destinations.

Besides having the oldest botanical garden in the Southern Hemisphere, Pamplemousses Gardens and the Grand Bassin, for the Hindu faithful; the Seven-Coloured Earth is one of the famous and most visited attractions of Mauritius. Surrounded by dense, verdant vegetation, the surreal geological phenomenon with rainbow-like colours is settled close to the Charamel Village not far from Le Morne in the Black River District.

A buzzing tourist attraction since the 1960s; the multi-coloured sand dune spreads out into seven colours but some can only be seen depending on the brightness of the sun. Sunrise and early sunset are the best times to see all colours. A lot of misconception surrounds the formation of the landscape; literature says the Seven-Coloured Earth came about due to the weathering of an old volcanic rock (basalt) while sheet erosion and deforestation has also played their part in the formation.

the Seven-Coloured Earth is one of the famous and most visited attractions of Mauritius

Although more pronounced, this feature is not exclusive to Mauritius; it can also occur in the Papua New Guinea and may be common in tropical, high-rainfall regions with volcanic bedrock.

A first glance at the Seven-Coloured Earth, you get the impression that there are shadows on the hills, creating the illusion that there are different colours – soon you realise that the colours are actually real that the shadows was the illusion. What’s more fascinating about this rare phenomenon has to be fact that, if you pick up a handful from the sand dunes and mix it spontaneously, the sands will filter out, and they eventually form a colour spectrum due to their various weight.

the Seven-Coloured Earth is one of the famous and most visited attractions of Mauritius

Styled as the “Terres des Sept Couleurs” in French, the striking natural coloured sand dune is accessible by road and an entry fee is charged for visitation. Why the colours – red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow never erodes despite the torrential and frequent downpour experienced in the region has kept geologist intrigued for years. To preserve and check people from walking over the dunes, wooden fences have been erected.

However, you can view and take pictures of the scenery from the observation outposts placed along them. If you keep souvenirs, a number of curio shops scattered around the area, sell the coloured earths in test tubes. The Charamel Park, home to the highest waterfall in the country (the Charamel Falls), has a children’s playground, a restaurant and a number of giant tortoises to play with. The excellent Le Chamarel Restaurant is also nearby.

Tortoise at the the Seven-Coloured Earth, one of the famous and most visited attractions of Mauritius

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  1. Can’t wait to visit this gorgeous island soon! We’ve booked a vacation at a luxury hotel in Mauritius, but we want to do a lot more than beaches and wellness in Mauritius – breathtaking nature like this is exactly what we hope to discover soon! Thanks for the tip!

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