Sharjah’s Souq Al Jubail Lantern Becomes World’s Largest

Guinness Book of World Records has confirmed the gigantic lantern at the Souq Al Jubail, in Sharjah as the world’s largest lantern. The 15.5m high and 5.6m wide Souq Al Jubail Lantern has been on display since June 27th and has become a permanent feature of the market.
Sharjah’s Souq Al Jubail Lantern Becomes World’s Largest

Located near the entrance, the Souq Al Jubail Lantern, which was designed and built by Global Event Management Group, is a replica of an actual Arabic lantern and casts a gorgeous, warm glow over the entrance of the market.

Commenting on the new record, Director of Souq Al Jubail, Ali Al Suwaidi said;

“We were absolutely thrilled when we received the news that we had been awarded this prestigious world record. The lantern, which now stands as an iconic new landmark at the waterfront of Sharjah, will bring even more people to the market to enjoy our high-quality, cost-effective produce from the farm and sea”.

Souq Al Jubail is the emirate’s (Sharjah) largest fresh produce market and is located close to Sharjah’s Central Market whilst also boasting spectacular views over Khalid Lagoon and other city landmarks. Spread over three floors and 37,000 square feet, the market has a reputation of being a unique destination for both shopping and entertainment – for all members of the family.

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