The simple secret behind an enjoyable holiday: Planning

The word “holiday”, often regarded as vacation by many, can be described as a trip for the purpose of recreation or tourism. Little did many of us know that it was originally termed “holy day” and was ascribed to only special religious days as opposed to the modern day interpretation of it being any special day of rest or relaxation. What matters most right now is that everyone wants a holiday. Yes, everyone wants a holiday, not just any holiday but an enjoyable holiday. How we define our enjoyable holiday may differ but there is a singular simple secret on how to enjoy our holidays which is “planning”.


Enjoyable holiday experience

If you are getting set for the forthcoming holidays, then you should already have your travel, hotel and sightseeing tickets [that is if you planned for a trip]. It is almost obvious that preparing for any holiday is a task in itself, let alone being on a trip which adds more stress to the holiday at the long run.

Travelling can be fun and relaxing but doing it during holiday seasons comes handy with some in-built stress such as very busy airports, malls and markets. Bearing that added stress in mind, then you may want to peruse some holiday planning tips I find very useful.


Someone once said, you may have a miserable holiday experience if you don’t do the things you like. It all starts from planning your holiday to suit your taste. Failure to do so may end up with a holiday you may not enjoy. Start by choosing your most preferred destination, preferred airline, then your preferred seat position and the list of your desires may be endless. The key is to ensure your choices fit your taste.

Little do you know that your choice of seat may be the single reason while you won’t enjoy your trip. I often make use of to checkup on aircraft’s seats.


Of course, you don’t want to nurse any form of illness while you are on holiday but you can be too sure when certain illnesses will appear therefore, you should equip yourself with basic medication required to keep you going. Make sure you have an ample supply of medications with you in your carry-on just in case you and your luggage get separated.


Just about everyone has a lapse when it comes to adhering to time especially for non-business circumstance. Timing can be highly predicted by frequent travelers but there may be a big difference during holiday season, therefore you don’t want to be a victim. I often tell people to ensure they arrive at the airport about 90 minutes before check-in commences. Hey, you can say “what will I be doing for ninety minutes”, sure, you can be bored but trust me, you never know what might go wrong (you may just have to go and get something).

Just so that you can save time, try to check-in online. It saves you the stress of long queues at the airport and hurray, you have more time to yourself plus you get to remain fresh -*smiles*. Another thing I do is to call the airline to confirm flight status. You can also do this online by checking airlines website.


As much as you want to have everything with you on your holiday you should try as much as possible to reduce your luggage. With adequate planning, you will be able to identify what you really need on your holiday. Too much baggage will make your trip very inconvenient and may help you forget about the good memories of your holiday as its now part of the experience.

Make sure your luggage has a secure tag on the outside of your bag, and even put one inside in the middle of your items, just in case your bag does not make it to the same destination you do. It will be easier to track if your name is on the outside and inside.

Also avoid wrapped items such as gifts in your luggage. If you have to travel with gifts then try to keep them unwrapped till you arrive at your destination. Wrapped items arouse unnecessary time wasting as they will eventually be unwrapped and adequately checked at some security checkpoints.


Now, here is the big one. Wherever you find yourself, make sure you are engage in an activity you like, even if your most enjoyed activity is sleeping then make sure you have enough of it. Personally, I usually recommend that travelers embark on one or more sightseeing activity (you can check out to book one) to help create interesting memories. For female travelers, you can be sure to go for shopping, it is always fun (remember to have enough cash though *smiles*)

There are just too many tips one can possibly talk about. Let us hear from you, which holiday planning tips you have got. Share with us and let us share with you our friends.

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