Things To Do In Dubai – Dhow Cruise Dinner

Dubai has a lot of shopping locations for you to do shopping and you will be able to find any product in the huge shopping malls and the shopping areas of Dubai. After a day of hectic shopping or visiting the various sights in and around Dubai you can cool off in the evening with the Dhow Cruise Dinner. The Dubai Creek divides the city into two commercial districts and a cruise in the Dubai creek will be an unforgettable experience. As you cruise around the creek, you can look at the city in its glory with all the lights from the modern buildings to the simple building of the bygone era surrounding you from all sides.

Dhow Cruise The Dhow cruise dinner is a very popular way to wind down after a hectic day in Dubai. As the boat cruises across the Dubai creek you will be able to see the different views of Dubai like the old town, parks, gold clubs, modern buildings, heritage village, Sheik Saeed?s birth place and house, the skyscrapers that line the horizon and a lot more. The cruise will be for about two hours and there will be dinner that will be served on board the dhow. You will get to see some sights that you may not usually get to see while on land and there will be a guide to tell you about the various locations as you pass them. The cruise is ideal for couples who want to spend the evening together with a candle light dinner while enjoying the view outside.

Things To Do In Dubai – Dhow Cruise Dinner

Dhow Cruise Dinner Package There are lots of packages for the Chow cruise dinner that are given by the tour operators in Dubai and you can pick the package that you like. The cruise generally starts by 8 pm in the night and will be till about 10 to 10.30 pm. The various aspects of the package are

  • Welcome drink that will be served when you enter the dhow
  • Fully air conditioned lower decks
  • Open air upper decks
  • Packages will include an international buffet dinner, soft drinks, tea, coffee, drinking water
  • Some dhow cruises will have a bar for which you will have to pay separately
  • Live music, Magic show and games to keep you occupied



Facilities Available In The Dhow 

Most of the dhows will have the traditional look, but will have the modern amenities inside them and are regularly inspected to see if they pass the strict safety standards that are imposed on them. There will be toilet facilities for men and women, life jackets for all on board, fire safety measures, emergency medical kits and the staff will also be trained in medical procedures and in evacuation drills in case you may have to abandon the dhow. There is a lot of importance that is given to the safety of the passengers as there are very strict laws with regard to the safety of passengers. The facilities that will be available in the Dhow will vary based on the tour operator and the cost of the cruise dinner and you can check out the various options that are available to you before you select on one.

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