Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

Honeymooning comes after all the excitement and stress of wedding planning. It is a perfect way to start marital life and an extension of one of the very special days of one’s life. There’s nothing more relaxing than stretching out under the warmth of the sun on a stretch of white sand beach overlooking crystal clear waters and palm trees.

WONTRA Honeymoons by World N Traveland - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

Wherever you decide to go, a prerequisite is that it creates special memories for you and your partner to cherish for the rest of your lives. For an unforgettable lifetime experience, below are some of the top beach honeymoon and romantic destinations to consider:


 Aruba - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

Aruba is home to the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean and one of the ten best beaches around. The island in the Caribbean is synonymous with sandy white beaches, swaying palm trees and warm sunny days, all year round. Nicknamed the “One Happy Island”, the tiny Dutch Caribbean Island off the coast of Venezuela has a serene settings that makes it ideal for weddings, honeymoons, and romantic getaways.


Bahamas - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

It is easy to see why everyone says “It’s Better in the Bahamas.” The former pirate haven boasts white-sand beaches, glassy turquoise water and now attract visitors yearly from all over the world. The Bahamas is home to more than 700 tropical islands, scattered around the Caribbean Sea and the closest Caribbean island to the United States.

Paradise Island – home to the iconic Atlantis Resort, Grand Bahama, Long Island, Andros Island, Elbow Cay, Exumas, Cat Island and New Providence, are some of the islands for newlyweds to try out.


Bali - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

Known for its forested volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs; the Indonesian island of Bali is perfect lovers paradise, with all kinds of exotic experiences. Lovebirds longing to escape into a world of romance overlooking into the shimmering ocean, explore interesting villages or sail through crystal blue waters… Here’s your dream come true.

Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

Bora Bora - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

From Crystal-clear waters, picturesque mountains to coral reefs swirling with colourful fishes; everything about Bora Bora, a picturesque tropical paradise in the magnificent South Pacific, is both unique and enchanting. For a honeymoon filled with seclusion and tranquillity, modern day amenities and plenty of things to do like snorkelling, skiing and sailing.

What makes the French Polynesian island different from other destinations is its unique and exciting adventure expeditions.


Castaway Island, Fiji - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

One of the world’s most popular honeymoon and wedding destinations, the tropical islands of Fiji (333 of them) are the ideal romantic escape for newlyweds and couples celebrating their anniversary or renewing their vows. The pristine scenery, unbelievable sunsets, diamond white beaches and exotic allure of the south pacific islands sets the perfect tone for the beginning of forever.


Hawaiian honeymoons are nothing short of perfect. The isolated volcanic archipelago in the Central Pacific attracts vacationers from around the world with its warm aloha spirit and breathtaking beauty, including spectacular beaches, tranquil landscapes and towering waterfalls.

Hawaii - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

Experience paradise at its finest on any of the eight (8) main islands – Big Island, Honolulu (Capital), Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Niihau, Molokai, Lānai and Kahoolawe. Whichever island you choose you are assured of a fantastic honeymoon.


Maldives - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

With pristine white sands, swaying palm trees and turquoise lagoons, seductive Maldives is considered one of the most heavenly places to visit on Earth. The collection of small and secluded Islands dotted around the Indian Ocean, is an archetypal peaceful getaway for the two, to savour pure bliss and indulge in numerous activities such as sunset cruises, picnicking and spa treatment.


Mauritius - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

Another island in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is one of the most ideal destinations with ideal and serene environments suitable for honeymoon. Enjoy breathtaking views, the natural beauty of the surrounding and other fascinating experiences plus activities the destination offers. Diamond White beaches with volcanic mountain backdrops, endless waterfalls and turquoise waters await the newlyweds.


Seychelles - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

Fast becoming a popular destination for weddings abroad, Seychelles is an idyllic destination for privacy, romance and luxury. The beautiful diverse and natural landscape, pleasant tropical climate all year round and breath taking beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean makes it a great place for couples to celebrate their new life.


Zanzibar - Top Beach Honeymoon and Romantic Destinations

Sitting off the coast of Tanzania in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is an awesome place for couples, who want to spend some romantic time with one another without any distractions. The untouched white sandy beaches, sun-kissed islands, and the whole romantic setting is perfect for sweet and long evening strolls for couples.

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