Top 10 Travel Health Tips for your Next Trip

Be it for business, leisure, pleasure or adventure, people travel for different reasons and the health benefits derived is too numerous to count. Normally, a good trip involves careful planning and that also applies to the well-being (health) of the traveller too.

Top 10 Travel Health Tips for your Next Trip

People who travel overseas have up to a 50 per cent chance of suffering a travel-related illness. It is important for travellers to protect their health and be aware of related issues and measures, especially when spending time in areas that pose risks of certain diseases.

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Maintaining healthy habits while traveling is challenging for most. However, there are many things to do to prepare for a healthy holiday, starting before departure to ‘what to eat and drink’ while there and what to do on arrival.

Here are some of the top recommended travel health tips to consider for a safe and healthy journey. Even if nothing else is done, these simple precautions (as seen in the infographic below) help avoid potential health worries:

Top 10 Travel Health Tips for your Next TripImage via The Planet D Blog

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