#TravelTuesday: Best Way to Sleep On A Flight

Getting quality sleep in-flight can be sometimes challenging. To avoid exhaustion, fatigue and the usual enemy – jet lag, it is a ‘necessary evil’ in which one has to indulge in despite the effects later on. This video posted by TechInsider on YouTube, shows Dr. Alan Hedge, a professor of ergonomics at Cornell University, give tips on the best way to sleep on a flight.

Here are some tidbits from the video (embedded above).

  • For flight less or about an hour, these tips might be insignificant.
  • For hours more than that, it is better to be seated comfortably and have enough room for stretching the legs.
  • Standing up and walking up and down the aisleway is also good for the body.
  • When sitting down there shoud be good suppport for the back.
  • The Window seat is the best to catch some sleep on a flight as you only won’t be disturbed by people standing up and you also get something to rest on.
  • A travel pillow can help those in the middle or aisle seats.
  • It is always best to sleep backwards, rather than forward.

Do you agree with him? Or you have better ideas and tips on the Best Way to Sleep On A Flight? Share them with us in the comment box below.

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