UK launches 24-Hour Super Priority Visa Service in Nigeria

Days ago, the United Kingdom Visas & Immigration (UKVI) announced the launch of the 24-hour Super Priority Visa Service in Nigeria. This new service costs £750 (over N300, 000) in addition to the visa fee and allows prospective visitors to the UK process their applications within a day (24 hours).

UK 24-Hour Super Priority Visa Service in Nigeria

On its official website, the British High Commission said the new service is aimed largely at key business customers and those needing to travel urgently by providing a visa decision for collection at the Visa Application Centre the working day following submission. Currently, the UK is the only European country offering a visa decision in 24 hours.

The UK Super Priority Visa Service allows customers greater flexibility in choosing from a number of visa products to meet their needs and will be offered alongside the current Priority Visa (front of queue processing 5-7 day) and standard (15 day) Visa services.

Applications for the UK SPV can be made at the Abuja and Lagos (Victoria Island) Visa Application Centres for those eligible and the High Commission emphasized they must fall within the “Visitors” or “Points Based System Tier 4” immigration routes.

Welcoming the introduction of the UK Super Priority Visa service in Nigeria, the British High Commissioner Paul Arkwright said:

“I am pleased to see the Super Priority Visa service being launched in Nigeria. This comes with an additional cost but is designed to give greater flexibility to our customers and underlines our strong commitment to make improvements to the visa services we offer. We expect this new service to be particularly useful for business. We understand that business opportunities and urgent requirements can arise at very short notice. We recognise this and want to facilitate such travel to the UK with this new super-fast service”.

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