Why traditional travel agents score more than Online travel agents or websites?

As the world travel industry is seemingly going mobile and online, the stand of traditional travel agents is threatened by Online Travel Agents (OTAs) on a regular basis. However, there is a counter theory that still bestows trust on the traditional travel agents for some specific travel friendly reasons.



Here is a list 7 imperative reasons for which traditional travel agents score higher than the online travel agents.

1) Best Deal: Travel agents know whether a traveler is actually availing the best deal. Since 90% of the airline tickets bought are domestic air tickets to visit friends and relatives, a travel agent can easily tell you whether a cost quoted by a website is reasonable enough.

2) Best places to go: Whether you are planning for a niche tour or a regular tourist spot, since the traditional travel agents book trips all the time, they know this stuff like the back of their hands. And even if they don’t, they are one call away from getting you an answer.

3) Less hassles during flight delays/ cancellations: Travel agents will be the best people to book you on a different flight while you relax waiting at the airport in case of a flight delay or cancellation. Imagine yourself standing in re-booking counter or calling a website helpline number in a situation like that!

4) Same flight, seats together: Traditional Travel Agents can get you the best deal in terms of suitable seats with people you will be traveling together. A much safer bet that to book individual tickets on different websites paying different fares.



5) Being a VIP: With regular terms and their reputation in the tourism industry, a Travel Agent can get you the VIP booking to any particular pub, club, hotel or a special tour. No OTAs can get you such deals or even if they can, you might take ages to find such a deal.


6) Saves the pain of research: The best part of believing a Traditional Travel Agent is the relief from straining your eyes searching the best deals on internet. The travel agents will do all the research for you and with regularity; they will probably know your preference.


7) Best offer price: Whether you believe it or not, the traditional travel agents offer the best price ahead of online travel agents and websites! Whether you found an e-mail giving you a 40% discount, it was probably with your travel agent a week ago! This is because of their relationships and they are wholesalers.
Not only can they do things the Internet can’t, but they also collect a lot of their fees from vendors. Which leads to the best part, they don’t have to depend on your money. We thought about blogging this compilation giving you enough reasons to go old-school and let a travel agent plan your next trip even when the rise of OTAs is quite significant in the global travel industry.


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