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World N Traveland is based in Lagos, Nigeria. Since its incorporation in 2004,
it has built a reputation of high quality service and expertise in the travel and leisure industry in the country.
Its values - integrity, reliability and quality services - are imbibed in the dynamic, vibrant and experienced staff
located in-house and our network of partners worldwide.

Our Mission
To be one-stop offering all related services with excellent customer service.
We are committed to working with our clients as partners in achieving their individual and business goals.
Every client is unique and our travel solutions are designed and customised to meet
the needs, interest and preference of both individual and corporate travelers.

Our Vision
World N Traveland's vision is to provide a truly memorable travel experience
around the world. Our aim is to be the destination expert of choice in Africa, bring Africans
and the world together by ensuring that Africans and the world have the opportunity
to explore one another.

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