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EASYPAY is another first from World N Traveland. Presented to our customers is the payment offer with the most flexible/affordable payment option. You get to spread your payment for services rendered by World N Traveland over a maximum period of twelve (12) months.

The a-z of EASYPAY

1. Start a transaction (e.g. flight booking, hotel reservation, holiday packages)

2. Book at least 1 month early

3. Make a down payment being 25% of service cost

4. Pay balance conveniently in several installments (up to 12 months)

5. Total payment must be completed before your travel date

Terms and Conditions

1. EASYPAY only applies to bookings which are at least one month prior to departure

2. Down payments of 25% on all Payment plan transactions are non-refundable.

3. Note that bookings made would only be secured upon confirmation of the 25% down payment

4. Total payment must be completed on or before TWO weeks to date which service is rendered (or travel date).